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Pine Elementary School 2013
Soles for your Soul

DeL’angel is about making changes, big or small.  Help us exceed our expectations as we make every effort to enhance the lives of others by giving back. Our next big event of giving, will take place in the Fall of 2014.We will pick an elementary school in need and provide each and every student with a brand new pair of shoes. Although there are many people in need, we believe that we can make a positive impact, even if it’s 1 child at a time. Join us to celebrate change, awareness and generosity.


On behalf of the DeLaine family, thank you.




Donations can be made online  by clicking the donate now button.  A check or money order can be mailed to the following address:

DeL'angel by MichelleDouglas

709 Plaza Drive Suite 2-248
Chesterton, IN 46304