Aging is inevitable; there is no escaping the fact that you are going to get older.  With aging, come those pesky things women all over the world dread: fine lines and wrinkles.  Though many say that they cherish those laugh lines and creases because they symbolize a life led, character built and challenges endured, most women don’t look in the mirror and think “I have another wrinkle” with joy.  No, most women abhor the reminder that they are, in fact, getting older.

Today’s society is so inherently focused on youth and beauty; evident in television and print ads.  The average 30 something mother of two wants to look and feel as good as the twenty-year old supermodel featured on the cover of magazines.

Cosmetic and skin care is a multi-million dollar industry for a reason:  to keep women looking young and beautiful eternally.  Women in their sixties and even their seventies look decades younger.  Whether they have followed strict skin care regimens since they were in their twenties, had cosmetic surgery or both, women spend thousands upon thousands of dollars maintaining their youthful appearance.

Even when money is tight and paying monthly bills is a struggle, most women manage to stretch their budgets to fit in their skin care and cosmetic purchases.

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