BB (Beauty Balm) creams are still the hottest thing in the makeup planet! They're mushrooming all over the place, taking in the cosmetics industry by storm. Numerous women across the globe are eager to try out this modern innovation that promises a whole lot of benefits more than what the classic, old school foundation can provide.

What's the fuss all about? Why is it that more and more women are choosing the BB cream over the good 'ol foundation? Take a look at the reasons below and see for yourself if you should be jumping in on this craze, after all.

Sun Protection

Protection from the sun is certainly of utmost importance when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and glowing. People who make use of the right type of sunscreen daily are likely to delay the aging of their skin.

You'll be happy to know that BB creams actually provide this protection without you having to put on a separate sunscreen. Just be wary of the SPF that your choice of product provides. For instance, our own BB cream comes with SPF 36 which is more than enough for your need.

Moisturized Skin

One other reason that BB creams have become so popular is the fact that they also include a moisturizer type of element. Thus, most women choose not to use moisturizers anymore. However, skincare experts suggest still applying your moisturizer before putting on the BB cream on your face.

Well, at least you know you can say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines because of the added moisture from your BB cream. You can enjoy soft, young-looking skin instead!

Skin Nourishment

BB creams are known to be packed with nutrients that nourish the skin. Ours, for example, comes with a range of antioxidants that will not just hydrate your skin but also repair your damaged cells. With the formula utilized by our BB cream, you can be assured of combating collagen breakdown.

Just imagine the fantastic benefit--- you get to shower your skin with healthy sustenance through makeup that you put on daily to look good.

Easy Application

Many women love the fact that BB creams are so much easier to apply than foundations. They are light and quick, which is good if you're always on the go. Besides, you get to save time and effort because you don't have to put on so many other substances on your face.

The BB cream is like the ultimate makeup and skincare solution, a fusion of your moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunscreen!

Natural Flawless Look

Women apply makeup to make skin look better. Specifically, you always wish to appear more flawless than you really are. Well, this is certainly a shoo-in if you're using the right BB cream. Of course you can actually enjoy the reality of flawless skin in the long run when you get to absorb all the nourishing ingredients of your BB cream.

In addition, this particular cream is very effective in giving you a naturally beautiful appearance. Because it's much lighter and smoother than the ordinary foundation, you can wear it without anything else when you go to the beach or if you're just going out for an errand.

Knowing these great benefits will surely make any woman wonder why she's still using the traditional foundation when she can have so much more with a BB cream. Well, it's really up to you. Some women still believe that foundations are necessary, depending on the occasion or use. Nevertheless, you ought to give our BB Cream with SPF 36 a try and see for yourself the magic it can do to your skin!