Teenage acne may be common and expected due to the changing and chaotic hormonal activity inside the body. Nonetheless, teens don't have to accept this as it is and just let it be. The condition can actually be avoided and you can keep those unsightly pimples, black heads, and other blemishes at bay.

Here are 8 tips that can help you avoid teen acne, feel good about yourself, and enjoy life even more:

Wash your face twice a day

Experts agree that washing your face twice a day is very important and will surely keep your face clean and free of oil and dirt. However, doing it more than twice may actually be risky for your skin. Essential oils might end up getting washed away. There's also a tendency for your skin to dry up.

It's best to make use of warm water and a mild cleanser while making sure that you don't scrub your face in any way. This will merely irritate it. Also make sure you use a clean towel for drying, which you ought to pat on your face gently.

Avoid picking and pricking

It's quite common for many teens (and even adults) to develop this habit of picking on their faces and pricking their pimples. Tsk-tsk.

Most people are actually not aware when they do it. Hence, you have to be very conscious of where you place your hands at all times. It may be while you're busy watching your favorite TV show, surfing the net on your laptop, or hitting the books late at night. Be sure to find out and start your prevention from there. It might help to prepare something else to tinker with or to keep your hands busy during these vulnerable moments or trigger events.

Keep in mind that even if your hands seem clean, they are remarkable at gathering germs and debris that you may not be able to see. Hence, it's best to wash your hands often and keep them away from your face.

Put on makeup scarcely

As much as possible, you ought to avoid putting on too much makeup. Not only does it not look becoming on teens, but various cosmetics can actually clog your pores and build up those acne and other blemishes. Daily makeup will surely get in the way of your natural beauty in many ways.

Of course there may be some occasions in which it would be appropriate to apply makeup, such as during a special date, prom night, graduation day, or a formal gathering with the family. In such cases, you will have to pick out high quality products that will not aggravate pimples if you already have them and that also go well with your skin type.

Do your homework in this aspect. It's probably essential to research some or consult a skin specialist to know which ingredients to watch out for when choosing your makeup.

Come up with a good skincare ritual

You may want to ask a dermatologist to help you with the right skincare ritual. This way, you'll be able to identify your skin type and what steps should be included in your daily regimen. Basics often include using a facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. But of course you need to know the order in which to apply them, how often, which components matter, and more.

Having a good skincare ritual during your teen years will certainly come in handy to prevent the usual breakouts.

Research the best skincare products

If you want the best results, it's important to research for the best skincare products. First of all, you must know which ingredients to go for. Tea tree oil, for instance, is widely known for eliminating excessive oil buildup that often cause acne while also providing added natural hydration. More often than not, it's always best to stick to the natural ingredients.

You must also try to read reviews on beauty blogs and the like or perhaps participate in forums. This way, you'll discover about other people's experiences and what experts are recommending.

You will find that DeLaine by Michelle Douglas is a well-respected brand in the skincare industry and has been producing various products that are safe and efficient. We have a Teen Acne Kit you may want to check out, which will surely benefit you.

Eat nutritious food

We understand that you're still in your growing years and will thus tend to eat a lot. It's alright to try different delectable treats, but it's vital to eat nutritious food even this early rather than stuff your face with junk.

Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your regular diet in your teen years is valuable for enhancing your skin's appearance and health long-term. What's more, you'll reap the advantages for your body too. You'll discover that you have more energy, you look and feel amazing, you don't get sick easily, and you seem to age very slowly.

Exercise on a regular basis

Whether it's just walking to school or you actually do some cardio and stretching exercises at home, it's definitely a plus for your skin when you exercise regularly. It's not just healthy, but will allow you to get rid of toxins that can make you prone to acne and other skin disorders.

You should also try to take up a sport while you're young. This can help tone your muscles while keeping your skin smooth, clear, and soft.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Many teenagers worry too much. Yes, it's certainly normal to undergo a lot of stressful experiences during this stage in your life. But remember that this is just the beginning. These taxing and nerve-racking things may even add up as you get older. This is why you must train yourself to handle them with grace and calm.

Make sure not to sweat the small stuff and even the big stuff! Rather, focus on what's positive and learn how to deal with these problems effectively. You'll be doing your skin a huge favor. After all, stress fuels breakouts just as it can bring about multiple sicknesses.

Keep these 8 tips in mind so that you can avoid teen acne despite your being prone to it. And while you're at it, do take time to go over the wonderful benefits of our very own Teen Acne Kit, designed to fight off those horrid skin troubles even on your bad days.