Even if you currently have smooth, supple skin, it's definitely a pain in the neck when you have those dark spots on your arms and back as well as uneven skin tone on your face. These marks of hyperpigmentation can definitely rain on your parade when you want to look your best. After all, the lucidity of your complexion matters a lot in enhancing your physical attractiveness. 

Whether you've been noticing some of these dark blemishes beginning to appear on your skin or you still haven't got them, it's of utmost importance to understand what causes hyperpigmentation. This way, you can prevent it from hindering your overall beauty and confidence. 

Overexposure to Sun

If your work or daily routine always exposes you to sunlight, you are susceptible to hyperpigmentation. Thus, you must never forget to lather on sufficient sunscreen. This will not just protect the appearance of your skin but prevent you from getting skin cancer. 

Facial Hair Extraction

There are plenty of ways to extract facial hair. No matter what you use--- tweezers, wax, or creams--- you are placing your skin in danger of hyperpigmentation. This is why you have to check the ingredients carefully and make sure they are not made of strong chemicals. It's always better to go for milder and more natural ways. Furthermore, if you'll be using tweezers or will go for threading, there's always a chance that your skin can get irritated with repetition. 

Hormonal Changes

When you're experiencing hormonal changes, there's a tendency for melanin to grow and thus cause hyperpigmentation. Isn't it common knowledge that pregnant women often develop darker skin on their necks and armpits? This is because they are the perfect example of those undergoing significant adjustments in hormones.

Genetic Material

There are some kids who develop discoloration in some parts of their bodies early on. They are more vulnerable because of the genetic material running in their bodies. Sometimes, it simply runs in the family. And in such cases, you can't avoid being a victim of hyperpigmentation. What you can do is work on lightening these areas with top-performing skincare products.

Bra Friction

Be wary of the bras you wear because too much tightness can actually "burn" your skin and cause discoloration. Take note of bra straps that seem to dig into your shoulders and check out if you're actually wearing the right width underneath the breasts. Always select and wear the proper size that makes you feel comfortable and doesn't hurt your skin in any way. 

Computer Heat

How do you use your laptop? Despite its name, you really shouldn't be placing it on your lap. There are plenty of people who have actually gotten accustomed to doing this. Studies show that those who repeatedly practice such are prone to developing discoloration on their thighs because of the heat coming out from the computer. Therefore, you must place your laptop on a flat, steady surface or make use of a laptop cooler. 

Citrus Fruits

It may seem odd to you, but are you aware that citrus fruits can actually contribute to hyperpigmentation as well? That's right. Lemons, limes, and oranges all have botanical content that react with the UV rays of the sun and consequently bring about discolored smudges on your skin. 

Particular Medications

In addition, you ought to also watch out for side effects of particular medications on your skin. Based on research, there are some antibiotics, anti-seizure medicine, and hormone problem treatments that can also cause hyperpigmentation. You might want to ask your doctor about it so he or she can prescribe an alternative. 

Indeed it's helpful to be aware of these top 9 causes of hyperpigmentation so that you can avoid them as much as you can. Naturally, some of these items really can't be evaded. And if you already have those dark spots you've been dying to get rid of, we'd like to invite you to take a look at our Hyperpigmentation Kit comprised of a cleanser, cream, fade, and moisturizer. A lot of our previous buyers have attested to this kit's effectiveness. We also have the Bye Bye Brown Kit and other similar products that will surely bring back your radiant glowing skin. 

Bottom line--- no need to panic if you're developing these discolored marks. We're here to help if you're willing to be helped.