Once puberty sets in, most teenagers have to deal with skin breakouts due to the increase in hormones and other factors. These hormones cause the production of excess oil, which tend to clog the pores that results into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is why acne—which can appear as blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, or cysts—alongside oily skin, are the most common skin problems of teens.

Although not all teenagers deal with this kind of skin problem due to differences in hormonal changes, genetics, and other external factors; it’s important for all teens to start taking care of their skin as they grow older. And when we say proper skin care, it doesn’t just pertain to topical treatments prescribed by dermatologists or what can be seen in advertisements.  


  1. Maintain Good Hygiene: The teenage years are the most active time in a person’s life. It’s quite inevitable to get caught up with all the physical activities that teenagers engage in, and take for granted the importance of maintaining proper hygiene. Excess sweating and stuck dirt can lead to bacteria development, which then manifests into body odor and skin acne. It’s of crucial importance for teens to take a bath regularly, especially when it comes to problem areas.

  2. Healthier Food Choices: While there are no clear proofs that certain types of food directly cause acne, it does make the skin prone to it and can worsen the condition. Junk food is the apparent food choice for most teens, but it’s still imperative to be conscious of sustaining balance with what they take in. Instead of drowning the body with bad calories and trans and saturated fats, be sure that there are vegetables and other more nutritional types of food within their diet as well.

  3. Cleanser & Moisturizer: Teenagers don’t need to maintain a complicated skin regimen as most adults do. All the skincare they really need is the combination of a cleanser and moisturizer. Here at DeLaine by Michelle Douglas, we came up with the ultimate ‘Adult & Teen Acne Kit’, which consists of the following: Perfect Hydration Moisturiser, Tea Tree Oil Acne Masque, Fade, and a Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. Do take note that all of these products can also be purchased separately. But the beauty of these skincare treatments lies in how they work in harmony to target teens’ common skin problems, which are acne and oily skin. And the best part of it all is how we use natural extracts alongside nutritional vitamins, making all of our products suitable for different skin types and without any side effects caused by harsh artificial chemicals.