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Clearer, smoother, brighter skin!
Clearer, smoother, brighter skin!

Adult & Teen Acne Kit

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Clearer, smoother, brighter skin!
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Clearer, smoother, brighter skin! 

  • Tea Tree Oil Cleanser 
  • Fade (A great delivery system for all Retin-A) 
  • Tea Tree Oil Masque 
  • Perfect Hydration Moisturizer 

Wash with Tea Tree Oil Cleanser to remove excessive oil and buildup. 

Fade applied daily to actinic skin will dramatically reduce unwanted reds and browns commonly associated with acne. Using Fade with Retin-A will assure proper cellular turnover and increase collagen production. 

Tea Tree Oil Masque is a unique treatment formulated with Benzoyl Peroxide to dry up acne and oil, while the gel base of the masque offers soothing hydration. The masque can also be used as a quick spot treatment. 

Using Perfect Hydration Moisturizer will allow for comfort and hydration without adding heaviness to the skin.

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