Everyone will develop wrinkles- it could form in your 20's, 40's or can develop in your 50's or 60's if you have practiced good skin protection. Also known as rhytide, these creases or folds in the skin will primarily develop due to aging. In short, wrinkles are part of one’s life and there’s no escaping these. But the good news is that there are different approaches and ways on how you can ‘slow down’ these signs of aging. 

One way is through the use of anti-wrinkle creams and skin lotions. These products are widely available online, and promise to slow down the signs of wrinkles and even help prevent the damages caused by too much sun exposure. So should you invest your time and money in these products? According to some studies, these creams will bring modest to good results depending on the kinds of ingredients used and the length of time you used these. Here are some of the common ingredients that you will see in top anti-wrinkle creams in the market.

Retinol- This is a common ingredient and anti-oxidant used in non-prescription wrinkle creams. Anti-oxidants are useful since these will neutralize the free radicals, the substances that form wrinkles. This is derived from Vitamin A that may take longer to deliver results, but considered less irritating by many when compared to prescription formulas.

Coenzyme Q10-Some of the more popular over-the-counter medications will also include this ingredient in the formulation.  The coenzyme Q10 is another anti-oxidant that can help slow down the signs of aging. This ingredient can also preserve the skin’s collagen thus making one’s kin look younger.

Vitamin C- This vitamin can help protect your skin from sun’s damage.  If you are using a wrinkle cream with Vitamin C, make sure that the bottles are kept from a safe distance away from direct heat and sunlight.

Tea and grape seed extracts- Some wrinkle creams will also include green, oolong and black tea extracts. The most popular is green tea extracts used in leading anti-aging creams. Grape seed extracts are also known as anti-oxidants and are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Different wrinkle creams and brands will have their own unique formulations designed to kill free radicals and keep skin smooth and radiant-looking. But keep in mind that the quality ingredients are just the start; the effectiveness of wrinkle creams will also depend on how long you have used it and the steps you take to protect your skin against direct sun exposure.