Hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone is a common problem for several people. This particular skin condition usually occurs when the melanin in our skin produces excess pigment. Uneven skin tone including dark patches and dark spots can happen anywhere on the skin. In order to find a safe, effective solution for this condition, it is important to first understand its causes:

Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

PIH is a condition that occurs when the skin cells are healing after an injury such as burn, scrape or cut. It can also occur due to lesions from chickenpox, bug bites, ingrown hairs, eczema and acne. Since quite a lot of people have very sensitive skin, it can get easily scarred during the healing process. This scarring often results in skin discoloration.

Sun Exposure

Those who are exposed to the sun excessively without sun protection may find darkened spots or areas on their skin. Sun exposure can cause the skin to produce excess melanin and this can result in uneven skin tone. Based on the extent of exposure, discoloration may even extend to the deeper layers of the skin or epidermis. It is important to address these skin conditions with properly formulated skin brightening and skin lightening products. It is also equally important to use sun protection regularly.

Use of Certain Medications

Certain medications and oral contraceptives can result in elevated levels of color producing hormones in our pituitary gland. When such medications are taken on a regular basis it can result in hormonal imbalance. This is often the basis for uneven skin tone. They can throw the hormones in your body out of balance, the result of which can be seen in the form of dark marks and spots anywhere on the skin's surface.