Acne can make most self conscious of their image. When an outbreak happens it can seem overwhelming at first. There are few things you can do that can not only help control out breaks but can also lessen the size of the out break. If you keep these few tips in mind you will be able to stop acne from hurting your image.

One of the things that many people forget is that you can't scrub acne away. When an outbreak happens if try to scrub the acne away you will end up irritating the skin. This will lead to patches coming about on your skin. To control an outbreak however you should wash you face every day. This will cut down on the build up of oils that block pores.

Some people may recommend using products like rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. The logic behind this is that you can dry the acne out. Sadly this doesn't work either. Drying out your skin leads to irritation and will leave red blemishes behind. If you have and out break and you want to treat you will want to purchase products that are made for treating adult or teen acne.

If you keep your skin moisturised and clean you should be able control the outbreak of acne. You will want to pay close attention to your hair line while cleaning. The grease from your hair will clog up pours. One spot in particular that people tend to overlook is their jawline. When you are apply a moisturiser to your face you will want to make sure you cover this area.

Acne is never something anybody wants to deal with but it can be controlled easy. Making sure your skin is healthy and keeping the build of greese down will help you a lot when dealing with it. You should also make sure you have some acne treatment on hand just in case it does happen to get out of hand.