Jojoba oil is a natural, simple oil with multiple benefits and uses. The oil is derived from a shrub with leathery leaves, native to northern Mexico and southwestern U.S. and is used in a wide range of skin care products today. Because of its many amazing properties, jojoba oil is quickly being recognized as one of the best natural ingredients for skin rejuvenation and moisturizing. Given below are some of the amazing benefits of using jojoba oil for your skin and hair:

· Some studies show that jojoba oil is beneficial for skin that is affected by psoriasis.

· It can fortify and strengthen brittle nails when applied to the cuticles.

· Jojoba oil mimics sebum, a natural oil produced in our skin. It can replenish the moisture in skin that has become dry due to stress, environmental pollutants, weather and age.

· It reduces wrinkles and protects the skin cells.

· Jojoba oil can also eliminate blemishes when used daily on skin after cleansing.

· It has anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. Jojoba oil can prevent infections in exposed abrasions. It also speeds up the healing process of the skin and prevents the formation of scar tissue.

· Jojoba oil rejuvenates the skin after sun damage. It prevents sunburns.

· It creates natural shine and luster of hair by reconditioning hair shaft and follicles.

· Jojoba oil is great for pregnant women as well as for those recovering from surgeries since it heals scars and prevents formation of stretch marks.

With so many incredible benefits, jojoba oil is definitely a great ingredient for skin and hair care. Regular use of jojoba oil can provide you healthy, supple and youthful skin. It also has equally impressive benefits for hair because it deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair.