Wouldn't it be easier - and more delicious! - if you could just pile all the anti-aging ingredients in one plate and enjoy a serving with a glass of wine to go? Well, you can! Pair up your anti-aging skin care regimen with healthy eating habits for a youthful glow that comes from within, and keep strangers guessing your calendar age.


As with any healthy habit, complementing your diet with lifestyle and exercise is ideal, but if you can only afford the bare minimum of anti-aging routine, food is a perfect start. Here are a few food groups to get started with.


1. Whole grains. You can start your day with oats and maybe plan dinner around brown rice. Whole grains contain hundreds of phytochemicals that soothe irritation and stop damage to skin cells. You'll also be doing your weight a favor as whole grains stabilize your blood sugar - crucial if you are diabetic - and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal cancers.


2. Monounsaturated fats. Avocado comes highly recommended in this food category as it is loaded with this healthy type of fat that helps moisturize the skin. Monounsaturated fats, also found in macadamia nut oil, walnuts and olive oil, help absorb certain minerals and vitamins that are crucial to your skin health. Vitamin A, D and E, all essential to young-looking skin, are fat-soluble.


3. Cruciferous vegetables. Brussels sprouts, and the rest of the cruciferous veggie group, provide sufficient sources for skin-friendly vitamins like A and C. Vitamin C is crucial to the production of collagen which makes skin supple, while vitamin A helps protect skin from sun damage. Collard green, cauliflower, kale and broccoli are equally excellent sources.


4. Omega-3 fats. Salmon comes first in the list, and the omega-3 fats it contains normalizes skin lipids and keeps cells well-hydrated. If you are deficient of it, you are likely to run into other skin problems like cracked heel, eczema and thick patches of skin.


5. Lean beef. Proteins are a major component of your skin, so it stands to reason that consuming healthy amounts of protein affect the skin in a huge way. If you are vegetarian, you already know that beans are an excellent substitute, as well as asparagus, cauliflower, artichoke, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.


And yes, indulge in a glass of wine every now and then for that young-look-from-within. Resveratrol, which resides in the skin of grapes, is a potent anti-inflammatory natural chemical that also fights UV damage.