The effects of rosacea are right there for everyone to see. The tell-tale redness, especially around the nose and cheeks, and the uncomfortable pus-filled bumps keep you from looking and feeling your best. Rosacea also often spoils the good professional impression you want to make at work, or makes you reluctant to interact socially afterward. Luckily, several safe, healthy rosacea treatments are available to help you get the red out and get back on with your life. 

Look for a high-quality skin treatment that uses natural methods of healing your skin's redness and blemishes. Treatments that contain tea tree oil, for example, are a safe way to reduce redness without further irritating your skin. Tea tree oil is a natural derivative of the Australian narrow-leaved tea tree, and it is a key component in many rosacea remedies.

A good rosacea treatment includes three parts. First, you need a cleanser designed to heal your breakouts without irritating your skin. Look for a moisturizing cleanser to ensure that your skin does not get too dried out during the treatment process. Second, you need a topical cream formulated specifically to reduce your redness. This is where you generally find tea tree oil creams, as they are highly effective in reducing the symptoms of rosacea. Lastly, you need a facial moisturizer to protect your skin as you go throughout your day. Without a good moisturizer, your face quickly becomes dried out and is more prone to redness or breakouts. 

Rosacea is uncomfortable and unflattering, but it does not have to last forever. With the right face treatment, you are able to quickly get the red out and restore your skin to its natural, healthy glow. Make sure that your face treatment includes all three key components: cleansing, healing and moisturizing.