Acne is a problem that can affect teenagers and adults alike. If you’re in your twenties or older and are still dealing with breakouts, finding the best adult acne treatment is imperative to attain the skin that truly reflects the inner you. However, as you search for treatment options, bear in mind that adult acne is actually different from teenage acne, and requires a thorough but different understanding for determining the most effective treatments.

Acne Effects Vary by Gender and Age

For example, although women tend to have more problems with breakouts than men do, and especially during the adult years, men are more likely to suffer more with aggressive acne in the teen years, and to develop permanent scarring from it. Using the best teen or adult acne treatment during breakouts can limit scarring for both male and female teens and adults.

Adult Acne

Adult acne is caused by a variety of factors, including hormones, secretion of excess oil, clogged pores, or hair ducts that have difficulty closing properly. These common problems result in the development of a comedo, which is the technical name for a pimple. A good adult acne treatment will focus not just on the removal of pimples but on cleansing the skin to prevent future breakouts. Pimples are often formed when a hair duct is filled with fat, debris, or keratin. When acne develops, it is usually the whitehead pimples that produce the worst problems, because they rupture the hair duct, which can lead to cysts, redness, and possible infection.

How Teen Acne Differs from Adult Acne

Although adult acne and teen acne may look the same, the two have somewhat different causes, and adult acne treatment solutions take that into account. Teen acne is mostly caused by changes in hormone levels. This makes major adjustments in the body, causing excess oil and sebum production, which lead to clogged pores and hair follicles. Adult acne, on the other hand is more often caused by environmental factors and major life changes, like pregnancy. Although both teen and adult acne treatment solutions include the application of common products like cleansers and facial exfoliators, the solutions for acne in the drug stores tend to include more aggressive skin care options.

Treating Both Types of Acne

Topical adult acne treatment products can be effective, but finding one that will match your unique skin chemistry among all the products on the shelves of the drug store can be tricky. Some products will contain azelaic acid, alpha-hydroxy, or benzoyl peroxide for spot treatment of acne problems. Other topical adult acne treatments may contain small amounts of antibiotics to prevent infection. Because of inherent dangers to health, antibiotic treatments are usually only used for a short duration, and are not typically prescribed for teens. While the adult acne treatment prescriptions may clear up breakouts quickly, they come with certain side effects, like birth defects.

Start Simply, with Safe and Natural Ingredients

The thing is to start as simply as possible, with natural, healthy ingredients like tea tree oil, which is gentle and widely known to be highly effective in treating acne in both adults and teens. And make sure that you keep your face as clean and free of external debris as possible. Using a good facial cleanser and finding the best moisturizer for your skin type is important. Adult acne treatment is all about prevention, and keeping your skin as clean as possible for as long as possible. Clean, healthy skin is a lot less likely to experience a breakout than skin that has been neglected once every few days.