Extracted from the field dock plant Rumex, which is native to the prairies of northern Canada, the active ingredient in the prescription drug Tyrostat is useful in decreasing the formation of unwanted pigmentation. In this way, it helps to even and lighten skin tone all over the body. It is often sold in a cream.

Your skin color is a result of your body's melanin levels. Melanin is a pigment developed in melanocyte cells. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, these cells increase their melanin production, often resulting in darkening of the skin in the form of so-called "age spots" or even "liver spots." The common terms for the condition indicate how much most people loathe seeing their skin tone become uneven. However, Tyrostat inhibits the production of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. Once tyrosinase production is inhibited, the body no longer forms unwanted pigmentation. The result is a lighter, more even skin tone. Tyrostat is a safe yet potent natural supplement. Tyrostat does not only prevent uneven skin tone; it reverses it once it occurs. Therefore, even if you have had a lifetime of exposure to the sun, Tyrostat can reduce the blotchy, unsightly spots of melanin that have resulted.

More effective than other skin-whitening agents, including turmeric, arbutin and hydroquinone, Tyrostat produces results in about three weeks for most people. If you are concerned about your skin tone and pigmentation, see a dermatologist for advice. As everyone has unique skin and unique pigmentation, an expert is your best bet on choosing the right course of action.