During your teenage years, pimples were common – expected, even. However, as an adult, an unsightly blemish can be embarrassing and inconvenient. There are several things adults can do to help get control of their skin.

Keep Clean

Even if you do not wear makeup, washing your face every night is an essential part of keeping your face free of dirt and oil. All day long, your skin collects pore-clogging substances. Look for a cleanser that has natural ingredients, as harsh chemicals may actually aggravate your skin even more. Tea tree oil is a great additive to cleansers, as it fights build-up. If you have sensitive skin, be weary of products that include beads or granules, because they can be abrasive as well.
Washing your face is not enough – you need to know how to do it right:
  • Use only warm water.
  • Wash for just a few minutes, as spending more time scrubbing can irritate your skin.
  • Use your hands as opposed to a washcloth.

Use Masks and Lotions

Face masks are a great way to dry up acne and oil without zapping all the moisture from your skin. Masks with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide attack acne and red spots. When it comes to creams or lotions, look for ones that contain retinol, which not only cleans out your pores but also works to reduce any wrinkles.
If you have dark spots, there are a number of products available. All-natural products are typically best, because they are free from harmful additives that can contribute to redness. Look for plant-based ingredients that can lighten your skin.


Be sure to wash your face every day and use quality ingredients to see if it helps clear up your face. If those methods do not work and your situation is extreme, you might talk to your doctor about prescription medications. A dermatologist might recommend either a topical cream or oral antibiotic. It is important to try to maintain clean, healthy skin before turning to medications.
By following these easy steps you can fight your way to clear skin and face your skin problems with confidence.