We are what we eat are words that have never been more evident than in our skin’s appearance and texture. What we put in the body can improve the skin giving it that healthy glow. Along with a good skincare regimen, paying attention to the foods we eat help with creating that beautiful skin that is begging to be touched!

First thing that helps with creating the skin of movie stars is to be sure to drink plenty of water. Water is the most important element we can ingest to assure the skin stays hydrated. As for the foods that can be the most beneficial, keep in mind that portion control is important as some contain a high fat content. Though these fats are the good kinds, fat is fat and we don't want to over do their intake.

This said, even though avocado is one of those with a fairly high fat count, it is a fabulous food to include in your diet and will keep the skin looking young and supple. Arugula and onion have a high sulfur content which cleanses the skin, the liver too...and if the liver is functioning well, then so is the rest of the body. The mineral sulfur is considered a beautifying mineral. As well, cucumber and radishes have a high silica content, which promotes the strengthening and moisturizing skin.

Sounds like a good basis to create a salad for skin beauty! Combine arugula with spinach, toss paper thin sliced radishes and red onion in with sliced cucumbers. For the dressing, mix in a blender until smooth, avocado with lime juice, raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey, a pinch of cayenne and a bunch of fresh herbs (any you like). Now that's a concoction for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Again, keeping moderation in mind, be sure to use only the best oils when cooking, such as olive and walnut oils, making sure they are labeled from the first cold-pressed batch. And if you can utilize organic, the eliminated toxins will prove beneficial to your skin's beauty. In fact, if you switch to mostly organic, whole foods overall then your skin will thank you ten-fold! The toxins from pesticides wreak havoc on the skin and by eliminating these the skin will radiate with happiness.

Incorporate nuts and seeds into you weekly diet as they, too, assist in working to beautify the skin from within. Just a half of a handful a few times a week is plenty. Make sure to have plenty of fruits and vegetables from the colors of the rainbow EVERY day! They are full of powerful nutrients that help to keep the skin glowing.

On the other side, you must avoid moisture sapping drinks that have caffeine, no soda or coffee. Try herbal teas and plant based milks such as almond and soy. However, the best drink for your skin is water, purified is even better!