Anti-aging serums allow you to turn back the hands of time. These serums work by using specific ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. They also use ingredients that prevent further skin damage and aging. Not all ingredients are created equally; it is important to focus on products that use these key components. 

Vitamin E is a hot ingredient in anti-aging products for its antioxidant properties. Besides protecting your skin from free radicals, it also repairs past damage. Vitamin E is not naturally occurring in the human body, which means that it is important to consume foods that contain this vitamin and use anti-aging products that list it as an ingredient.

Vitamin C boosts the collagen production in your skin. As you age, your collagen decreases, removing the elasticity from your skin. When you apply a product containing vitamin C, you see wrinkle reduction and improved skin quality overall.

Soy and the compounds within it have a powerful effect on the skin. When you use anti-aging products containing this ingredient, the compounds reduce environmental damages. They also significantly minimize the damaging effects of the sun's rays. Further, soy enhances your skin's ability to produce collagen, evens rough textures and reduces the incidence of irritation. 

When you are on the market for an anti-aging serum for your skin, always make sure it contains these ingredients before making your purchase. While there are many other anti-aging ingredients, some do more than others. Look for these ingredients first, then treat any extras as a bonus. More ingredients do not always mean a better product, but more of the right ingredients leads to better anti-aging properties.