If you have acne-prone skin, you probably know that a good cosmetic or medical skincare product is something that simply can’t be replaced. Sure, home remedies might work for some time, but the science and hard work behind skincare products makes them more effective, and to a certain point safer to use.

Still, skincare products are not all-powerful, and it’s likely you’ll need to change some things in your everyday life to make them as effective as possible. These lifestyle changes will make you healthier, which will make your skin better suited to deal with things like acne.

First, you need to have a proper hygiene regimen, if you don’t already have one. That means you need to clean your skin properly, without damaging it in the process, and apply moisturizer suited for your skin type afterwards. And while we’re speaking of hygiene, you should keep in mind that people generally tend to touch their faces often. This is a very effective way of spreading bacteria to the face, which in turn may cause pimples or acne to appear. So make an effort to touch your face during the day as little as you can.

Second, you’ll need to manage stress better. Stress reliving techniques like breathing exercises are a good quick fix, but for benefits in the longer run, you’ll need to do a little bit more. Having a good night sleep every night will help, as will increasing the overall level of physical activity. Now, that doesn’t mean you should sleep as much as you can and start working out really hard. You should find the ideal amount of sleep that leaves you feeling rested and relaxed. As for working out hard – you can go for it, but you can also try a couple of walks during the day, according to your fitness level. Your body will react positively to any increase in physical activity.

The third and the most important – diet and products. You might have noticed there are certain foods that make your skin react with an acne breakout. You might have noticed the same thing for some cosmetic products. So, you know what to do – stop using those products and eating those foods. Sure, they might be the products that your favorite movie star advertises, and the foods might taste great, but the bottom line is – they’re not really worth it. And while you’re at it, you should really quit smoking. It doesn’t do you any good, and while it might not cause acne, it does damage your skin.

These lifestyle changes are not a miracle cure for skin issues, but then again, a miracle cure doesn’t really exist. However, they will make your immune system stronger, help you remove things that cause skin damage, and make a great foundation for a skincare regimen that will actually help you deal with acne.