So you’ve kicked the breakout, but now you’re left with unsightly dark marks where those pesky pimples were. These dark marks, if left untreated, could last anywhere from several weeks to several months. Sure, some are easier to cover up than others, but who doesn’t want to even out their skin tone?

Here are some remedies for lightening these dark marks and creating a smooth complexion:

Exfoliate Regularly
Use a facial brush to exfoliate your facial skin regularly. A gentle facial soap will do. The idea is to increase cell turnover, prompting your skin to shed old skin cells and rejuvenate itself.

Natural Remedies
For those of you who love a good natural remedy, we suggest using some fresh lemon juice on your dark marks. The high concentration of vitamin C is an effective skin lightener. For those of you who don’t want to spend every day slicing lemons, we highly recommend our Fade Cream to lighten your facial acne dark marks. Our Fade Cream includes Tyrostat, a plant derivative that helps inhibit the enzyme that causes uneven pigmentation.

Or if you are looking for a concentrated natural remedy for your body acne dark marks, try our Kojic Acid Body Cream. Kojic acid is a naturally occurring lightening compound that is a safe alternative to man-made lightening chemicals that dry out your post acne skin. Our Kojic Acid Body Cream is also formulated with moisturizing elements like vitamin A and coconut oil to keep your skin hydrated as it heals.

Protect Your Vulnerable Skin
When you leave the house make sure to put sunscreen on the skin you are trying to lighten. Sun exposure can prolong the healing process and even darken existing marks. Remember to protect your skin not just when you’re trying to heal it, be proactive and protect it every day!