If you have oily skin, it can be a real pain to be out the entire day especially if you need to stay outdoors for hours. Can you just imagine how embarrassing it would be for people to see how you could seemingly fill up a whole bucket with the grease from your skin? 

Before you go into panic mode, though, keep in mind that there are ways to manage this problem. You can actually do something about this oily face of yours so that you can still look fresh and beautiful under the sun.

Sun Protection

What's your biggest adversary in an outdoor setting during the daytime? Yes, it's Mr. Sun. And this is why you have to take precautions if you intend to stay out there for long. 

Aside from wearing protective gear such as a hat to keep your face from being directly hit by the sunlight, it's important to make sure that you are sufficiently protected. This means you ought to apply sunscreen with the right SPF. Oftentimes SPF 15 is recommended, but it would be good to go for something a bit higher such as the SPF 30 of our Perfect Protection product. 

Do you know that UV rays can actually worsen the oiliness of your skin? What's more, these are also known to exacerbate acne and other skin problems as well as speed up skin aging. Hence, you should never ever forget your sunscreen the next time you're scheduled to head out.  

Quick and Easy Oil Blotting

There are times when you might be too busy or too far to visit the powder room and wash your face or redo your make-up. During these moments, it's always helpful to have those oil blotting papers ready in your bag or pocket. 

Every now and then, you can tear out a piece of blotting paper and press it onto your forehead, cheek, or nose. Remember not to rub on your skin. This is certainly the best quick fix to keep your face from looking like a slimy cooking pan! 

Natural Cleansing

If you know that you're going to be out for many hours, it's essential to have a handy facial cleanser in your bag. This way, you can excuse yourself in the middle of the day and wash the oil off your face. 

Of course you'll have to pick out the best cleanser for oily skin. For one, it's ideal to select one made of natural ingredients and that doesn't contain harsh chemicals. For example, our Tea Tree Oil Cleanser is a topnotch oily skin blaster because it can soothe damaged skin while thoroughly cleansing it. Tea tree oil is a known natural antiseptic and can definitely prevent or help treat acne-prone skin. 

Important Make-Up Tips

Let's say you're doing some field work as part of your job, implementing a school project outdoors, or taking part in a sport or hike with friends. All of these activities will require you to be out in the sun for a very long time. And no matter what, you still have to try and look good. Thus, it would be of great help to learn the secrets of the "make-up for oily skin trade".

First of all, you have to make sure that your cosmetics are not oil-based. Second, don't forget to use a toner and moisturizer before anything else, followed by a primer made especially for oily skin. Third, it's important to limit the make-up you apply on your face. It's always better to put more concealer than foundation since the former usually contains less oil.

Another important tip you must remember is to avoid shimmery powders and eye shadows because they will likely make your face appear dreadfully shiny when you start to get oily. Translucent powder is often recommended. You ought to bring along this one to use for fast retouches after applying blotting paper. 

So now that you're equipped with the knowledge on how to handle your oily face before going out for an entire day, you need to start stocking up on the proper skincare and make-up essentials. This way, you can be assured of a beautiful, fresh-looking face at any time!