OK, so not everything we put on our face gives us instant glamour. But while our sunscreen may not conceal, highlight or emphasize our best features, it works to protect them. Try not to think of sunscreen as a chore, but as a critical component of your skincare and getting ready routine.

Protecting our skin is increasingly important as the ozone layer thins and the sun's rays cause great damage to the exposed parts of our face and body.

Still not convinced or hesistant to add another product to your repetoire? Well, consider these important reasons to add sunscreen to your list of must-have products:

Skin Cancer

At the top of our list of reasons to wear sunscreen is the most common form of cancer...skin cancer. Statistics show one in every five Americans will develop a form of skin cancer in their lifetimes. This statistic is astonishing, because we know that wearing sunscreen on a consistent basis reduces your exposure and cancer risk to almost 0%. So lather on your sunscreen, daily!

Skin Breakdown

The sun’s rays are known to break down the elasticity of your skin, as well as create brown sun spots and other skin discoloration. We all desire soft, supple, even skin, and neglecting to apply sunscreen is not going to get us any closer to our skin ideal.


The more time you spend in the sun unprotected, the more long term damage you will do. So why as ladies who will try anything to reduce their appearance of wrinkles, will we not be proactive and try to prevent their appearance in the first place? Sunscreen acts as a barrier for your skin so ward off those harmful rays!

We know we can cover up our body, but we can’t go through life with our face covered, so find time to work sunscreen into your morning routine. Place our non-comedogenic, chemical free Perfect Protection SPF 30 sunscreen on your counter so its your first facial application after washing up. Let it dry, and your makeup will go over it easily. SPF 30 will get you through a day of light sun exposure, but for your outdoor days, pack it in your bag to re-apply. Be on the offense of your skin’s health!