Over time, women do plenty of damage to their skin without even realizing it. There are some day to day steps that can be changed to prevent that damage:

  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water
  • Bathing and showering in hot water – warm water is been a better choice to prevent dry skin
  • Not protecting your skin from the sun and other elements – not only using sunblock, but moisturizing regularly helps
  • Using the wrong skin care products – avoid harsh chemicals in your skin care products
  • Not eating right – greasy and sugary foods are bad for the skin
  • Not getting enough sleep – make sure you recharge your body and your skin by getting your beauty sleep
  • Not getting enough exercise – exercise is not only good for your muscles, but helps your skin too
  • Not managing your stress levels – stress causes zits
  • Over exfoliating your skin – limit exfoliation to once a week
  • Rubbing your eyes can cause dark circles
  • Playing with and popping pimples can make the pimple worse and can leave behind scars
  • Not removing make-up properly can clog pores
  • Chlorine – shower using a sudsy body wash after taking your dip in the pool
  • Smoking – second hand smoke can speed up the wrinkling process
  • Drinking – alcohol can dehydrate the skin
Unfortunately, there is no time machine that can take you back to those hours of sunbathing when you were trying to perfect your tan, or the gallon of sodas you drank, or the tons of French fries and greasy cheeseburgers you consumed as a teen, but changing your routines and using the right skin care products can go a long way to repairing the damage accumulated over the years and to preventing further damage. Thankfully, DeLaine by Michelle Douglas offers the finest skin restoration products on the market. From Perfect Hydration Cleanser and Moisturizer to Perfect Protection to Kojic Acid Body Cream the DeLaine product line of hydration and restoration products can help you revitalize your skin.