While the sun is a good source of Vitamin D with a little exposure during a certain time of the day, it has also become one of the skin’s worst enemies over time as well. Overexposure to the sun puts our skin in direct contact with the dangers of UV radiation, which comes in the form of UVA and UVB rays.

The main differences between UVA and UVB rays is the fact that while UVA rays tend to be more prevalent throughout the day, its effects are less intense than UVB rays, albeit damaging to the skin nevertheless. UVA rays are known to be the main cause of signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and sunspots, white UVB rays can cause serious reddening, sunburn, dark skin pigmentation, and even common tumors that may then evolve into skin cancer. So how exactly do you avoid these dangerous and damaging effects of the sun?

  • Stay Covered – Your first defense against the sun, especially if you’re not so keen on maintaining a regular skin regimen, is by providing as much coverage for your skin as possible. Cover up the parts of your body that are easily exposed to direct sunlight such as your face and scalp, by wearing hats and sunglasses. Also try to avoid the midday sun, which is known to have the harshest effects on our skin.
  • Use Sunblock & SPF Makeup – But of course, covering up your skin can only do so much and it can be quite uncomfortable during summer while you’re out on the beach. It’s of crucial importance to apply proper sunblock on your whole body, especially if all you’re going to wear is a two-piece bikini. The Perfect Protection SPF 30 sunblock from DeLaine by Michelle Douglas protects your skin against the sun, while keeping it hydrated as well. And if you intend to use makeup, choose the ones that contain SPF such as our BB Cream with SPF 36.
  • Cleanse, Moisturize, & Hydrate – Skin aftercare is just as important as the pre-sun exposure preparations as well. You have to have the right skincare products that will bring back lost nutrients and moisture due to overexposure to the sun. In addition to rehydrating your body by drinking water, our line of Restore & Hydrate skin care solutions provides you with a range of products directed at healing the skin. Among these rejuvenating treatments are the Perfect Hydration Cleanser and Perfect Hydration Moisturizer, which are both, indeed, perfect when it comes to cleansing and nourishing the skin.