As we all work our way through the hottest season of the year, this is about the time we start looking forward to the autumn. Cooler days, falling leaves, and being outside with less risk of sunburn.

And just as we transition our wardrobes from the T-shirts and shorts to jeans and light sweaters as we move into fall, so too should we transition our skin care. The summer does different things to our skin than the fall does, and this is the time to start working your skin care transition to clean up the summer damage and start getting ready for the different challenges that autumn brings.

Here are five simple steps to transition your skin. These seem similar to other seasons, but the justifications may be a little different.


Summer heat, of course, really dries out and kills skin, so make sure you have a good cleanser that exfoliates and stimulates the collagen to produce healthy skin cells.


Sweat from a workout also helps cleanse your body and your skin and releases a lot of bad stuff from your body. And drinking lots of water (one suggestion is drinking the number of ounces each day equal to half of your body weight in pounds) each day keeps your skin fresh and hydrated and more resistant to sun and wind damage.


In this case, we're keeping it simple instead of something drastic - just eat fruits and vegetables often. We all can give in to other snacks or side dishes, but think fruits and veggies first and if your skin could thank you, it would.


Don't overdo it, but a good exfoliation would really help get rid of the dry skin, expose the fresh skin and open the pores for the moisturizer that is soon coming.


When using moisturizer, be generous with it. The fall can be drying in a different way than the summer - there is generally more wind, and heaters may come on in the fall, both of which can be drying and harsh on the skin. Moisturize every morning and if you need, add a humidifier or drink extra water if you are around a heater that is running.