Sunscreen Protection: Best Ways to Choose and Use Sunscreen

As soon as the warm weather and summer days kick in, health-conscious individuals start to focus on the best ways to protect their bodies using appropriate skincare products. One such product that gets love and attention is sunscreen. Also known as sunblock, this skin care product combine a number of ingredients that can help block the UV rays from piercing the skin. There are two types of UV rays that do harm to one’s skin- the UVA and UVB- and it is the role of this skin care product to stop these from harming the skin. And when properly used, this can help protect your skin, prevent premature aging and even help reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. So the challenge for all is to discover the best ways to use and take advantage of a sunscreen protection. Here are some of the recommended ways on how to use and apply sunscreen.

Look for SPF 30 or higher, chemical-free, water-resistant and offers a broad spectrum coverage.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen means that you are protected from both the UVA and UVB rays. Also, pay attention to the chemical contents of the sunscreen. If possible, go chemical-free sunscreen so that your skin will be protected and not irritated.

Apply before you hit outdoors, apply generously.

It’s best to apply sunscreen before you go outdoors. The protective effects of sunscreen usually set in after 15 minutes. And when applying, it’s recommended to apply generous amount of sunscreen to your body. Roughly an ounce of sunscreen is required by an adult to completely cover the body and protect it against the harsh sun. Apply the sunscreen on your face, neck, tops of legs and feet and ears. You can also protect your skin using sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

Re-apply the sunscreen every 2 hours to get complete protection.

You need to re-apply sunscreen to get complete and continuous protection. This step is recommended if you go swimming or you are into physical activities. You may lose some sunscreen protection is you go swimming or you undergo excessive sweating due to some physical activities.

Check the expiry label.

According to authorities, it is important to check the label and expiration date of all products, sunscreen included. The quality of some ingredients will "degrade over time", thus will bring more harm than help to one’s skin. Some products will have specific instructions, so it’s best to read and follow these as well.

Sunscreen is an important product for skin protection, but not all sunscreen products have similar ingredients and prepared similarly. So choose the best one that suits your skin and use it appropriately at the right frequency.