Your skin is an organ. That's rather odd to think about, isn't it? But much like your heart or your liver, your skin needs maintenance and care just like its internal cousins. The act of moisturizing and exfoliating your skin keeps it in shape. It also makes sure that it is protected from damage.

That last part may be a bit confusing, but here's how daily maintenance protects your skin:


This keeps your skin nice and flexible. Most of the time wrinkles occur when skin looses elasticity, which is the ability for skin to remain flexible and hold its shape, and begins to tighten around the skeleton structure of our body. If skin is kept moisturized it will keep its elasticity for longer, therefore making the organ hold its shape better. Also, most moisturizers have SPF protection built into them, which protects your skin from the suns radiation that loves to give your skin cancer. Moisturizing keeps you from looking older, but it also saves you from, you know, getting skin cancer as well.


Clearing off the dead skin cells from your body helps to keep your skin looking great. The oils, skin cells, and dirt from your days journey through the world tend to gather and clog your pores; this mixture of junk results in that terrible villain known as acne. By using a scrub or brush daily you can make sure that your pores will remain clear; and by keeping your skin clear the creation of acne scars is stopped which can age your face severely.