Everybody knows exercise is good for your health. But were you aware that it's also greatly beneficial for your skin? Indeed every time you work out, you don't just get to improve your figure, you'll also enjoy beautifully glowing skin that will make you look even more stunning!


Where do you think that healthy flush of skin comes from after a workout? If you answered blood flow or circulation, you got it right!

It's a known fact that exercise can improve your blood flow and thus lead the way for oxygen and nutrients to be supplied to the different parts of your body, including your skin. As a result, collagen production is highly enhanced. On the surface, you'll see just how smooth and radiant your skin becomes.


After several minutes on the treadmill or an hour's worth of aerobics, you'll definitely release natural oils that are bound to moisturize your skin whether you like it or not. When this happens, your clogged pores loosen up and toxins are also discharged. The overall result--- a healthy glow and supple skin.


It's not only your muscles that firm up when you exercise. You also get to enjoy better toned skin. Consequently, your skin will appear healthier without any signs of cellulite and other such marks. Plump, firm skin also results from stretching while weight training helps strengthen muscles and protect your skin.


Always remember that sweating from exercise is a good thing. It's actually like getting a facial because toxins are removed from your pores and your skin cells are repaired and renewed. This way, you won't run the risk of acne formation or aggravation. Furthermore, you'll have no more worries regarding possible fungal and bacterial infections. In the long run, you can take pleasure in clearer, smoother skin.


It's been said over and again--- exercise reduces or even eliminates stress. It's just the way it works. So what does that have to do with your skin? Well, research points out that stress is a major factor in the appearance of blemishes as well as the faster aging of skin. So when you work out regularly, you'll definitely feel more relaxed. A stress-free you means gorgeous skin and a dazzling you!

Want to maximize these benefits? You ought not just to exercise regularly, but also to maintain a good skincare regimen that will naturally beautify your skin even more.