There's good, healthy stress… and then there's the kind of stress that does all sorts of ugly stuff on your skin. Unfortunately, most people tend to have more of the negative kind and thus end up with skin breakouts and other hideous effects on their appearance.

So if you don't want to suffer from horrible skin, it's imperative that you find out how exactly bad stress can affect your skin so you'll be highly motivated to overcome it.

Dry and Dull Complexion

Nobody wants to look at their reflection in the mirror and see their older version looking back at them even before they've actually reached that age. Well, here's the deal: you really look aged when you have dry and dull skin. Imagine dead skin cells piling up, the exterior of your skin flaking, the feel of a rough surface on your own face and arms… It's all awful.

When you're stressed, everything in your body responds. Your skin's lipid barrier is greatly affected and this is why the natural moisture tends to just evaporate into the air. You also end up with more damaged skin cells as well as toxins building up inside of you.

Dreadful Cold Sores

Do you understand just how huge the effect of stress is on your immune cells? Skin disorders, particularly cold sores, may develop. These seemingly simple cold sores that are related to immune cells can be very bothersome not just aesthetically but also in terms of your overall physical well-being. Moreover, there's a chance you might also get psoriasis, viral warts, eczema, and other similar conditions.

Frown Lines and Fine Lines

They say that the skin on your face scrunches up a lot more when you frown rather than when you smile. If you are always under intense pressure and are always worrying about something, you're likely to be bombarded with negative emotions that bring out that frown quite often. And guess what? Frowns can somehow create permanent lines eventually. They often appear on your forehead, around your eyes, and even around the mouth area.

Frown lines are indeed highly caused by stress. At the same time, being frazzled by so many things most of the time will also lead to early fine lines that are a result of the aging process of your skin.

Redness and Rashes

There are some people who would often get rashes and red spots on their faces and on the other parts of their bodies. These can be a pain in the butt, especially during summertime when you're expected to flaunt your skin. What's more, such things can also be itchy at times and will therefore cramp your style.

If you want to avoid this kind of problem, you should start doing something about your stress--- or at least you handle it.

Worse-Than-Usual Acne

There's nothing like severe acne to make a person feel really ugly and insecure. It can get in the way of your social life and affect even the other aspects of your life. But if you are the type of person who's always feeling stressed, you are bound to be a victim of acne and its undesirable consequences.

Take note that the worse-than-usual acne is what frequently results from deep anxiety. Throw in the constant worrying, sleepless nights, and unstable eating habits and you've got an effective recipe for skin breakouts.

Fatal Skin Cancer

When you are feeling all jittery and tense, it's not only the outward appearance of your skin that you need to worry about. Research says that skin cancer is a likely candidate too for unfortunate outcomes you wouldn't want to suffer from. Particularly, chronic stress accelerates the development of cancer cells when your skin is exposed to the sun's UV light.

Remember that such type of cancer is certainly not a matter to be brushed aside. There's a chance that stress can lead you to develop a fatal skin cancer like melanoma.

So now that you know all of these unpleasant effects of stress on your skin, what should you do about it? Well, for starters, you ought to work on treating the blemishes, rashes, and other skin problems you have. We've got a whole range of skincare products that can give you amazing results. And aside from doing this, you must also kick off on your anti-stress methods so you can help get back your beautiful skin again.