You’ve heard it all... it’s genetic, it’s what you eat, you’re stressed, it’s the weather... wait, the weather? OK, maybe it’s not exactly the weather that is causing your skin to break out, but it could be a number of factors. Due to years of experience battling pesky acne breakouts we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to lessen their appearance and expedite their dead-end journey.

So what are some things you should be doing when you’re experience a breakout? Well, you should:

Keep Everything Clean
And by everything we mean everything that comes in contact with your skin. Tie your hair back so the oils from your hair don’t feed the bacteria around your breakout. Wash your pillowcases and sheets so you can get a good night’s rest without rubbing your compromised skin on dirty, oily fabric. Wash your hands and keep them away from your face, meaning don’t pick at it! And ladies, let’s take a breakout as a sign it’s time we wash our makeup brushes. After all, we use them almost every day and then jam them back into our overstuffed makeup bag that could be filled with bacteria. Most importantly, wash your face at least twice daily. Use warm water and a clean facecloth if you have one to rinse away excess bacteria.

After you’ve washed your face, apply an acne spot treatment to the area. Our Acne Spot RX is formulated with a blend of salcylic acid, witch hazel and camphor, which in that order cleanse, disinfect and heal your breakout. Salicylic acid unclogs your pores while witch hazel works as a disinfectant, cleaning your pores and minimizing your breakout. Camphor is an effective treatment for soothing your inflamed skin.

It’s almost inevitable that due to stress, hormones, or dirty makeup brushes, you will unfortunately experience another breakout. Follow these tips to take control of your breakout and be prepared with our Acne Spot RX to kick your zits to the curb!