Skin inflammation and redness are quite common skin conditions. They can affect any part of the body or face and are caused because of irritation. Given below are a few tips to help reduce skin irritation:

  • Avoid irritating ingredients: Many skincare products may have allergens and irritants like abrasive particles and alcohol. Check the ingredients in all skincare products carefully and avoid using abrasive products. Use products that contain safer alternatives.
  • Cleanse the right way: Over-cleansing always leads to a lot of skin problems. Although good hygiene is important, it is not always necessary to scrub your skin aggressively. Avoid using exfoliants daily. Skin inflammation and redness may be caused by the ingredients in your cleanser. Pick a gentle foaming cleanser that will clean your skin well without irritating it.
  • Moisturize well: Moisturize on a daily basis, even if you think you have oily skin. Products that contain vitamin E and grape seed oil are particularly good if you have skin redness. While irritation is normally found on facial skin, it can also affect other areas of your body. Use a good quality body lotion each day after showering. Natural ingredients like jojoba oil are particularly beneficial. 
  • Protect your skin: Excessive wind and sun can also act as irritants to your skin. Use caution whenever you step out of the house. Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight and wear protective clothing. Protect your skin with a good quality sunscreen lotion.
  • Fish oil: To combat inflammation from within, take fish oil regularly. Consult a dermatologist to see if fish oil will be right for you. A dermatologist can also provide you recommendations on the brands.

With the right skin care products and some basic care, you can easily avoid skin inflammation and redness.