Red skin and rosacea outbreaks are nerve-wracking. Especially if the discoloration appears on a visible part of your body, such as your face or hands, it feels as though everyone is looking at you. Thankfully, there are a few simple, effective ways to treat redness and rosacea on your skin.

Moisturizing is key to healing red, itchy and dry skin. Lotions are a wonderful, common option for moisturizing, but using essential oils is a great alternative. Tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil are both known for effectively moisturizing and softening skin, and they work well to reduce redness. In addition to moisturizing, hydrating yourself is necessary to prevent red, dry skin. Drink enough water each day to provide your skin with the liquid it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. 

An oatmeal bath is a common fix for skin issues. Avoid long, hot showers that irritate skin, and instead opt for a soothing oatmeal bath. Invest in natural, unscented soaps and detergents to use in a warm shower, as the additives in scented soaps often cause skin irritation. If problems persist, see a dermatologist or doctor to get prescription medication that is specifically built to fight and treat rosacea outbreaks. 

If you suddenly have red skin, take note of any changes in products you use, and stop their use to see if they are the cause. Give these remedies time to work, and do not panic if your skin is still red immediately after you try a possible treatment. Experiment with different treatments to find which one works best for you.