BB cream or Blemish Balm is an all-in-one cream that was first developed in Germany for laser surgery patients during the 1950s. However, BB creams truly become popular in Korea and the rest of the world soon followed in its footsteps.

What is a BB Cream?

BB cream is a lightweight cream that works as a sunscreen, concealer and moisturizing cream. It provides the skin a healthy glow, evens out the skin tone, offers good coverage and helps heal your skin without blocking your pores. Instead of using multiple skin care products, many women prefer to use a BB cream since it performs several different functions. When compared to heavy foundations, BB creams are very lightweight and offer a very natural finish so they are ideal for everyday use.

How to use your BB cream

To make the most of your BB cream follow the tips listed below:

If you have very dry skin, use a good quality moisturizer on it before using the BB cream. Although it will moisturize your skin, it might not be enough for very dry skin.

Always apply your BB cream with clean fingers since it is easier to apply it evenly. Blend it gently in your skin using a quick dabbing action.

Use your BB cream as a concealer and foundation. Heavy concealers will block your pores and may lead to breakouts. Start with areas that need special attention such as under your eyes and then blend the BB cream to the rest of the face.

Allow the cream to penetrate into your skin and dry out before you apply any other makeup.

Help your BB cream stay on longer by applying a light powder over it.