Because it's natural for people to want to stay young and live longer, anti-aging has become a huge concern in modern society. Although there's really no single elixir of life to guarantee your young and vibrant look for life, discovering the causes of wrinkles can definitely help you work toward maintaining your youthful appearance.

Exposure to UV Light

It's no secret that too much exposure to UV light is harmful to the skin. It's even more of a risk for those who have a light complexion.

As much as possible, try not to go out into the sun a lot. Also be wary of artificial sources of UV such as particular lamps and screens that may emit this kind of radiation.

It's important that you wear sunscreen at all times even if you're just staying at home. It's the reason why protection from the sun is always a part of daily beauty regimens recommended by dermatologists.


Keep in mind that every time you puff on a cigarette, you are not just killing healthy cells in your body and increasing your risk for lung cancer and heart disease. You're also reducing the blood supply to your skin. Hence, smoking causes faster aging.

If you want to look and feel young and healthy, avoid smoking at all costs. Rather, indulge in nutritious foods and drink plenty of water every single day. These healthy habits will certainly add up to your years and keep you looking gorgeous.

Facial Expressions

Did you know that different facial expressions can actually cause wrinkles too over the long run? According to research, grooves are created under the surface of the skin whenever you frown, squint, make a face, and even smile. These become permanent when you get older because the skin cannot spring back to its original state anymore.

Nevertheless, it's definitely difficult not to make too much use of such expressions. What you can do is to simply work on the other ways of upholding your youth such as eating plenty of anti-aging foods, taking supplements, exercising, avoiding UV exposure, and using remarkable skin care products.

It's also essential to take note that studies also show that you tend to use more muscles in your face and exert greater effort whenever you frown and make use of negative facial expressions. Therefore, since these expressions cannot be helped, make a big effort to just smile a lot more.

Repeated Weight Gain and Loss

Many individuals are guilty of repeatedly trying out different diets and losing weight, only to bounce back to their original sizes or even worse. Such recurrence of your skin being stretch back and forth can take its toll eventually. It can actually impair the elastic element of your skin that keeps it firm and healthy. This is why pregnancy is such a sensitive issue here and a lot of moms develop permanent dimples and bumps on their tummies.

Here's what you ought to do--- when you go on a diet, make sure to also exercise. Not only will this help firm up your skin and make you look good as you get slimmer, it will also ensure a healthier body and skin. Moreover, try to stay away from fad diets and instead focus on improving your fitness lifestyle.

You should also eat more antioxidant-rich foods such as berries. And, of course, applying antioxidant creams on your skin will help too.

Too Much Washing of Face

Are you aware that your skin actually has its own natural oils that act as armor against wrinkles? When you wash your face too often, these oils are taken away. Your skin ends up more exposed to sources of dryness and aging.

Doctors would recommend that you only wash your face two to three times a day. More than that, you're increasing the likelihood of hastened aging of skin no matter what soap or facial wash you use. Of course it also wouldn't hurt to apply some moisturizer regularly as well. Our Anti-Aging Kit, for instance, is inclusive of a hydrating moisturizer.

Sleeping Position

Have you ever experienced waking up and finding a crease on your forehead or a streak across your cheek? Yes, these may be temporary. But as you grow older, they can actually cause real fine lines and wrinkles.

It's important to practice lying down on your back whenever you sleep. When you sleep on your side, there's a tendency to boost the chances of wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. And when you're on your tummy with your face down, you might also induce crumpled brows and crinkles beside your eyes.

Of course it's a known fact too that you must sleep at least 8 hours a day to get a good rest, lessen your stress, and stay healthy. Sufficient rest, peace of mind or a sunny disposition, and good health can do wonders for your skin.


As already mentioned above, stress has been found to cause wrinkles. The more you worry, the greater chances of speeding up the aging process. Whether you have problems within your relationships, in your career, in your financial life, and others, any kind of stress will age you faster and bring down the natural defenses of your body and skin.

If you wish to delay those wrinkles, you need to relax. Take up hobbies you enjoy and make you feel calm and cozy. Also smooth out concerns in the various areas of your life. Take things easy and learn how to manage stress well.

Learning about these common causes of aging and how you can counter or avoid them will surely guide you into bringing out and keeping your youthful, beautiful self.