You very well might be asking yourself "Summer is here now, why should I worry about Winter?" It's a fair question, but the reality of time is that it slows down for no one, and the pages of the calendar fall off at a rapid pace. In just a few months, the days will start getting shorter, and the nights - and days, for that matter - will start getting colder. So, before Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, let's go over a few tips that can help take the bite out of the Winter and keep your skin and hair as healthy as possible.

Water is Your Friend

Drinking a decent amount of water at any time is always sagely advice for the health-conscious, and Winter is no exception. That said, some people overdo it on the water consumption, with the idea that it will help rehydrate the cry scaly skin that often accompanies the colder weather. While water is definitely your friend, drinking more of it really won't improve the health of your skin in cold weather.

Oil and Water, To Each its Own

During the Winter months, switching to an oil-based moisturizer, rather than a water-based one, can help your skin retain that healthy moisture. Oil-based moisturizers can not only provide a protective barrier against the elements, but it also helps your skin hold on to the moisture. Oils that don't clog pores are the best idea, like almond oil, avocado oil or mineral oil.

Shower Time!

When the mercury dips during the colder Winter months, many of us have a tendency to turn up the heat when we take a shower. While this may feel nice and toasty, the really hot water isn't doing your skin any favors. Spending too much time in hot water can actually take some of the moisture out of your hair and skin.