BB Creams are popping up everywhere- in the pages of your favorite beauty magazines, in corner displays in your local drug store and even your go-to online makeup stores. So what is all the hype about and what does BB even stand for?

Well, BB stands for Beauty Balm. Who doesn’t want to work a little more beauty into their daily routine? BB creams have quickly become a staple in our makeup treasure chest because they do it all. They cover, blend, moisturize and protect your skin from pore-clogging toxins and harsh UV rays. Meaning we can eliminate all the separate products covering our counters and invest in one great BB cream!

BB creams are lighter in texture than foundations but provide more coverage than your tinted moisturizer. BB creams typically have a color tint that will help even out your skin tone. Our BB Cream is available in Beige, which is the optimal tint for covering redness and other imperfections.

BB creams feature some great additives to keep your skin looking its best. We have loaded our BB cream with essential nutrients that will nourish your skin throughout the day. Elhibin, a soy protein, keeps your skin soft, lessening the appearance of any fine lines. And Colhibin, a rice peptide, replenishes moisture, making sure your skin doesn’t become dry or irritated.

Don’t think we forgot to add our protective agents to your BB cream. Our BB Cream features SPF 36, which blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays. So while you’re outside having fun this summer your skin will look great, and be properly protected.

BB cream is a fantastic, multipurpose product. And by this we mean you can truly use it your way! It’s light enough to wear under your other face makeup or you can use it as your foundation. So eliminate all of those half empty bottles of foundation and moisturizer, and streamline your beauty routine with a great BB cream as your base!