Summer’s All But Gone – Time To Tend To Your Skin

The signs of summer being almost gone are everywhere we look. The days are slowly getting shorter, the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, and even the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright as it did only a few weeks ago. It’s time for a transition from summer to fall. It’s also the time to take a closer look at the damage your skin suffered during the hottest season, and taking the necessary steps to repairing it.
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For Collagen Production, Think Fall

Collagen is a crucial element to help skin retain its elasticity and youthful appearance. Simple collagen-based products will not do much to decrease fine lines and regain a plump sub-dermal layer, which is why chemists and biologists process collagen and it’s building blocks so that it will be easier to subsume into the many layers of the dermis (skin) when applied topically. We here at Michelle Douglas do all we can to help your skin from the outside in, and we can also help you increase the collagen in your skin from the inside out.
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5 Skin Conditions That May Be More Than Skin Deep

A neurologist often shines light into a patient’s eyes to tell, at first glance, the presence of brain disorders. In the same manner, dermatologists can examine a person’s skin to tell whether there are disorders within.
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